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All of our team members are trained and certified in the latest techniques for botox, dermal fillers, laser tattoo removal, and laser facial treatments. We always strive to offer you the latest in technology and safety.


Holle Janeski
DO, F.A.C.O.I.

Dr. Janeski has practiced internal medicine in the downriver area for over 25 years. She is compassionate about her patients in every way and is focused on helping everyone feel and look their best.


Lindsey Perlmutter

Lindsey has been an ER nurse in the city of Detroit for the last 5+ years. By branching into cosmetics she has really found pride in making her patients happy. It has allowed her to find creativity in her nursing practice. Lindsey takes appointments in Riverview, Detroit, and Birmingham.


Argetime Selman

Argy has been a registered nurse for the last 6 years, specializing in Cardiac. She is a very talented yoga instructor and has always had a passion for health and wellness, and that's exactly how she feels about aesthetics. Her main focus is to help her patients achieve balance inside and out. Argy takes appointments in Riverview and Detroit.


Alyssa Rousseau

Alyssa has been a registered nurse for 5 years getting her start in adult and child psychiatric medicine, she has spent the last 4 years working as a health and wellness nurse. She currently runs our sister company's IV hydration suite inside Innovative Health Solutions in Plymouth. 
She is meticulous in her nursing which has allowed her to seamlessly transition into aesthetics. Alyssa offers services in Plymouth.


Ashley DeMattia


Ashley has been a registered nurse for 18 years and has worked in almost every department in the hospital. She has worked for our sister company Veda Hydration for 2 years and has fallen in love with wellness. She is now beyond passionate to start her journey in aesthetics. She works out of our Detroit and Birmingham locations.


Lauren MacEachern

Lauren has been a registered nurse for 6 years, ranking one of our sister company's top IV Queens. Her precision and care shines through her aesthetics skills just the same. She uses her confidence behind a needle to help her clients build the same confidence. Lauren works out of our Birmingham and Detroit locations.


Taylor Grow

Taylor is our fully-licensed Aesthetician! We are so thrilled to have her onboard for all your medical grade skin care needs. Offering a multitude of services from different facials, skin assessments & top notch product lines, Taylor will be providing services out of Detroit. She will also be helping Lindsey & Argy run the Laser services in Riverview.

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